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Most businesses today have a hard time keeping up with their core business challenges, let alone maintaining in-house technology expertise. Technology is changing so fast and is getting so complex, it’s difficult to keep up.And yet, there is a huge opportunity to take advantage of these new technologies to transform your business, including trends such as digital transformation, cloud, analytics, AI, security and more.Many companies are turning to Information Technology (IT) consultants to help them translate these new technologies into a competitive edge and a better bottom line.

While growth in the overall IT services market is steady, demand for digital transformation and cyber security consulting is particularly strong, as companies embrace cloud migration and respond to ever-more sophisticated cyber attacks.

Benefits of engaging an IT consultancy

Technology is changing rapidly nowadays posing wide range of challenges. As more and more new technologies get introduced in the market, cyber security concerns also soar warranting agility in adapting to the changes .Factors like headcount restrictions and increased competition when it comes to hiring experts with specialised technical skill sets also contributes to the challenges . It’s hard to find specialists, expensive to pay them and retain them. Even the best internal IT team will have its technical limitations. Technology is getting much more complicated, the rate of change is exponential and the range of expertise needed to stay on top of technology game is unsustainable at time for most of the businesses. That’s where IT consultancy like AgileIT Group can assist.

Here are some of the benefits of engaging an AgileITGroup Solutions consultant:


In many small and mid-sized companies, IT resources are generalists rather than specialists. Engaging an AgileITGroup  Solutions consultant, gives you an option to focus on the requirement specific skills and the tasked consultant will have an in depth knowledge about current solutions, tools and vendor capabilities relevant to your requirements.

Improved project delivery timings: AgileITGroup consultants once engaged require minimal time to understand your requirements and get onboard . They work on task driven model with milestones.

Potential savings: A consultant with sole focus on specific tasks can deliver more efficiently. You’ll be provided with an accurate upfront estimate regarding the cost of the engagement, and you won’t have to keep the specialist on your payroll once the tasks are delivered.

Knowledge transfer: A consultant will also assist by sharing expertise and providing the required detailed information about the tasks accomplished.

Reduced risk

Consultants, particularly security specialists, can help identify and resolve security threats in your network or IT systems. They will work with your team to establish processes and protocols to ensure agile protection.

Increased productivity: Often IT teams face the challenge of prioritising between BAU and project work. Engaging a consultant to complete specific projects frees up your team to focus on core business functions and manage priorities efficiently.

Improved processes: Consultants deliver more than technical expertise to your organization. They also use proven, repeatable processes that can be passed on to your team through documented ‘playbooks’ and training.

An outside, objective view:
Armed with experience and a toolkit of best practices, consultants bring a fresh perspective to your environment. They can identify issues that may have been overlooked and make recommendations about improving or replacing legacy systems and practices.

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